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Oles - a small Ukrainian, he loves his motherland, his mother and God. I'm sure you'll love it too. Take a small Ukrainian in his home, and you'll never be bored. It will give you a lot of joy and love!

Хто ти, хлопчику маленький?
- Українець молоденький.
Хто ти, дівчинко маленька?
- Українка молоденька.
У якій живеш країні?
- В незалежній Україні.
 Який герб в твоїй державі?
 - Тризуб золотий у славі.
Що для тебе Україна?
 - Моя рідна Батьківщина.
Як здобута її воля?
- В боях лютих серед поля.
 Хто боровся за Вкраїну?
 - Весь народ в важку годину.
 Чи ти любиш Україну?
 - Люблю її до загину.
У що віриш, дитя миле?
 - В Бога й велич України.

Like all children, Oles loves to fool around, do not be surprised if it will sometimes stick out the tongue to get your attention. He needs your support and love.

Like all children, Oles loves naughty, do not be surprised if it will sometimes stick out tongue to get your attention. He needs your care and love.

Like all kids, Oles quickly gets tired and can sleep on the go. Then you can take it on the handle and lull.

Oles, like all young Ukrainian Cossacks are forelock (Chub). Chub - men's hairstyle in the form of long strands of hair on bald head. It was common in the Eurasian nomads and peoples who traced his descent from them. In the Middle Ages it were the Turks and Tatars, and in the early new era - the Tatars, Turks, Ruthenians, Poles. In the Ottoman Empire was forelock hair Janissaries. In the Commonwealth was an attribute of "Sarmatian fashion" and had spread among the gentry and Cossacks. In Eastern Europe longest hair was worn in Ukraine by the end of the XVIII century Cossack Host (as a sign of belonging to Host) and the 1 st half of XIX century - Ukrainian middle class (as a symbol of belonging to a Cossack people). Other names - wig, herring (Russian name of Catherine II) crest (Moscow name gentry-Cossack hairstyles in XVII-XIX centuries and disdainful Ukrainian name that derives from it).

Oles - the size of a full-length of about 16 cm, is made of incredibly silky Italian viscose dark brown, palms and heels of artificial suede. The bear is stuffed with polyfil, stainless steel shot pellets and my love. All mounting cotter pins, head on a double mount, upper legs are reinforced, tinted artistic paints. Brown glass eyes, with moving the upper eyelid and eyelashes, eyes closed. Mishka opens her mouth and protruding tongue :)

Oles dressed in Ukrainian national shirt - Vyshyvanka. Vyshyvanka is the Ukrainian traditional clothing which contains elements of Slavonic ethnic embroidery. Shirt removed.

Take this little Ukrainian boy to his house and he will bring you a lot of love and inspiration! This kid is created for you from Ukraine with love!

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