суббота, 10 декабря 2016 г.


Teodor - little puppy looking for a new home. 

Teodor - little puppy available for adoption, if you love it as well as I do, you can get a gift for Christmas. It can also be a good gift to anyone from kids!

Teo in full size, about 42 cm, with a skeleton inside, he can move like a real puppy, make turns and tilts the head, bend the body. All mounting cotter all legs are reinforced, it can bend the legs at the joints, change the shape of the ears, opening and closing his mouth, bent tail.

Teo is made of faux fur, paw pads imitation suede combo pack - the effect of a living, natural wool, hollofayber, mineral granules, glassy eyes, the nose is made of polymer clay, art paints.

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