суббота, 11 марта 2017 г.


Hello, the bunny Patrick brought you snowdrops and says that spring has already come) He is waiting for adoption and wants to get into loving hands and a new, friendly home.

Full-length Patrick 36 cm with ears, 28 cm - without. 
Created from densely, Italian viscose, cushions of paws made of imitative suede, ears from mini-stof. 
All limbs are attached to the screw fastening, the rabbit stably stands on the legs, all the legs are reinforced, they can bend in the elbows and joints. 
Head on double cotter pin. 
Combined packing: natural sheep wool, holofayber, mineral granulate. 
Patrick's smoke-gray glass eyes, framed by centuries, tinted with artistic and oil paints. 
Special reinforced stitch strong thread by hand, sometimes the machine stitching for a strong cross-linking

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