суббота, 21 мая 2016 г.


Hi, I want to introduce you to my new bear. This very cute toddler, who gives joy and inspiration, warmth and love. Therefore, it is and name - Darling.
Darling - Available for adoption.

Size 32 cm in full length, 25 cm sitting without a hat, OOAK, created from a two color Maher, paws of imitation suede, the whole body from head to tail is the skeleton (Lockline), which allows him to be alive, he can bend and move like a real bear, and do a half-twist and tilt head. Mounts paws on cotter pins, all legs are reinforced, can be bent at the elbows, wrists and joints.

Сombined stuffing "effect of living" stuffing natural wool, hollofayber, mineral granules,  glass beads. His brown eyes are framed by centuries, nose out of polymer cla, his mouth opened and closed.

The hat is made of genuine leather, waxed cord and rivets.

I love this baby, I hope that you will like it too :)

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