воскресенье, 21 августа 2016 г.


I was born baby panda, his name Mio. If you can love it as much as I do, then you will be able to adopt him, he will give you a lot of tenderness and love)

Mio created exclusively by hand without the use of machine stitching, 100% handmade. Size of about 16 cm, 13 cm sitting. Created from the Italian and German viscose faux fur, heels and palms paws made of artificial suede. All mounting cotter pins, head on a double mount. Combined packing: natural wool, metal granulate hollofayber, rubber pellets to elastic stomach, glass granulate.

Mio - absolutely live baby panda, he is able to open and close your mouth, stick out tongue, otkryvatsya and close your eyes, it can be fun, playful, tired, sleepy. I hope that you will be well take care of him, so he was happy.

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