четверг, 24 ноября 2016 г.


Troy Baby 16 cm, is made of Italian viscose, artificial suede, combined packing: natural wool, mineral grains, metallic granulate hollofayber, glass granulate. All legs are reinforced with glass eyes are framed for centuries, closed and open. Hat and scarf of woolen thread, made of wood sleigh on waxed cord.

My teddy can open and close your eyes, open and close your mouth, stick out tongue, be sleepy, dreamy and amused, they live for me! Gently press the upper eyelid to close, please do not pull on the eyelashes, gently press on the eyelid to open. Gently open your mouth, stick out your tongue any forceps, give it the desired shape, do not try to pull the language fully. Akkuratano forceps insert tongue back in your mouth and close your mouth. I hope that you will like my teddy, just as I am. 

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