воскресенье, 19 марта 2017 г.


Hello everyone and accept my heartfelt congratulations on the bright Easter holiday. Clover - March rabbit, who came to congratulate you on Easter, meet him!

Clover about 25 cm sitting and 28 cm standing with ears 
Created from an Australian artificial fur, ears of minishtof 
Combined packing, holofayber, metal, mineral, glass granulate 
Fastening paws on the screw fastening, the rabbit can stand steadily on its legs, the head on a double cotter pin, all paws are reinforced. 
Glass eyes, framed for centuries, cushions of claws made of polymer clay, tinted with artistic colors

The wooden Easter egg is painted with acrylic paints, the flowers are made of foyamiran, the wire, decorative paper, ribbons

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