понедельник, 15 мая 2017 г.

Woody is a little fox.

Woody is a little fox who lost himself in the forest, but he's not scared at all, he's very brave!

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Woody - about 33 cm without tail and about 25 sitting and it has the proportions of a small fox.Created from English two-tone fur and German artificial fur.Throughout Woody's body, the skeleton runs from head to tail, which makes him alive, he can flex his back and do half-turns and head inclinations.All paws and tail are reinforced, they can bend in elbows and joints.Combined packing: natural wood sawdust, natural sheep wool, holofayber, mineral granulate, glass granulate.Glass eyes are hand-painted, nose and pads are claws made of polymer clay.

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  1. как живой, очень правдоподобно вышло

    1. Спасибо, рада, что понравился, лапы коротковаты, буду еще выкройку переделывать )