пятница, 10 ноября 2017 г.

Dominic in eBearShow

Привет, Доминик открывает мою коллекцию для австралийского шоу http://www.ebearshow.com
Спешите проголосовать за своих любимых тедди.
И не забудьте прийти 24 ноября, чтобы увидеть их всех и купить.

Hello, Dominic opens my collection for the Australian show http://www.ebearshow.com
Hurry to vote for your favorite teddy.
And do not forget to come November 24 to see them all and buy.

Previews and Voting for our current show "Calm or Crazy" is now open.
Simply click on the image of the stall you want to vote for from the list below to see more details.

Voting closes in 9 days when we will announce the winners here.

The show opens for sales in 14 days on Friday Nov 24th 2017 at 4:00 PM. Make sure you put the date in your diary and bookmark the site. These wonderful one-of-a-kind creations won't last long.

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