суббота, 3 ноября 2018 г.


Cost - 350 $
Free Shipping worldwide 

Clyde is a little puppy of a French bulldog and he will be happy if you adopt him.

Clyde - about 33 cm without ears, created from German fur, artificial suede, has a skeleton in all its body, which allows it to be alive, to make half turns of the head and bends
All the legs on the cotter pins, reinforced, can bend at the elbows and joints.
Combined packing, holofiber, mineral granulate. Every finger and heels are stuffed with natural sheep wool from the inside.
Tinted with art paints and pastels.
The mouth opens and closes.
Glass English eyes frame the eyelids.
The nose is made of polymer clay.
The yellow is made of cloth, on buttons, removed.

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