пятница, 8 марта 2019 г.


Little Panda Uma can be a good gift for any girl from 5 to 95 years old)

A real teddy panda can stand, sit, move her legs, turn her head, open and close her eyes, stick out her tongue, she will give a lot of joy and spring warmth)

Size about 16 cm, created from curly viscose, all fastenings on cotter pins, combined stuffing, natural sheep wool, mineral granulate, natural sawdust, metal granulate, belly full of glass granulate. All paws are reinforced. Glass eyes, a nose of polymer clay, the skirt is removed.

To open your eyes, press the eyelid and gently lift, just lower it, do not try to pull the eyelashes. To stick your tongue open your mouth and stick out your tongue with any tweezers, you can give it any shape. Do not try to pull out the tongue completely.

All my teddy carry a nominal passport certificate and wooden medallion with laser engraving.

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