суббота, 26 ноября 2016 г.



Hi, I want to introduce you to Benjamin - this is a very cute french bulldog puppy classic beige color. You will be able to adopt him, if you can love it as much as I do. Normally Ben is sleeping on his favorite couch, wrapped in his favorite blanket. He likes to sleep late, that even children's noise is not just him can awaken.

After breakfast we go for a walk and since now quite cold autumn, Ben puts on his coat, not forgetting to show off in front of a mirror.

Ben likes to run his usual way, he knows all the local surroundings, trees, rocks. Today the weather is nice and sunny, and Ben is happy.

Since Ben has a little puppy, he quickly gets tired and goes to sleep even on the go. We have to take him up and carry home, where he was waiting for the happy children who have returned to school.

Benjamin Size 32 cm, 25 sitting, created from the German plush, faux suede, the whole body skeleton, allowing Ben to be alive, paws reinforced, limb cotter pins, glass eyes, the nose of polymer clay, combined packing "effect of living", hollofayber , metallic, mineral, glass granulate. The eyes and mouth opened and closed. Coats sewn knitted fabric, fur-lined, fastens.

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  1. Он ЖИВОЙ! Как талантливо,слов нет!

    1. Спасибо, да, мне тоже понравилось над ним работать и выгуливать) Сейчас вот тоже работаю над щенком, посмотрим кто выйдет