пятница, 4 ноября 2016 г.

Online Christmas Bears show November 18-20

Hi friends, I am pleased to announce that my new collection of teddy bears and friends, you can see and buy in the New Year on-line show, which will take place November 18-20.  www.TeddiesWorldwide.com

My collectors - if you want to first see and reserve liked Teddy, drop me a line medvedy-teddy@mail.ru

In addition to the bears will be a panda, rabbit, fox, dog and koala)

In the meantime, to show you the baby Oscar, 16 cm. My bears are able to move the hands, legs, head, eyes open and close, open and close your mouth, stick your tongue. Each of them can make a great gift for Christmas to you and your families and loved ones. Do not miss out!

And now you can vote favorite! Just click on the author's name, and select a category to vote for the best teddy! See you soon, bear hug)

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