суббота, 15 апреля 2017 г.


Hello. I want to introduce you to Sia, she lives by the sea, but can come to you if you love her)

- Sia in full growth of 43 cm, created from two types of thick, chic, French Tissavel
- Paw pads and ears from imitation suede, very pleasant to the touch
- Paw clamps on the screws, head on the double cotter pin
- All paws are reinforced, can bend in elbows and joints
- Panda fairly heavy 1,3 kg, combined packing - natural wool, holofayber, mineral granulate
- The eyes are glass hand-painted, framed for centuries, a nose made of polymer clay, tinted with artistic colors.

I want to congratulate everyone on the bright Easter holiday, and to say that the Easter bunny Clover is available for adoption.

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