суббота, 15 июля 2017 г.


Babe Bodo is a Grizzly bear, if you love him as much as I do, he will be ready to come to you.

Bodo in full height about 14.5 cm, sitting 11.5 cm
Created from alpaca and fur for miniature, heels, palms and ears from imitation suede.
All paws are reinforced, combined padding: natural sheep wool, sawdust, metal granulate, holofayber, mineral granulate, in the stomach glass granulate.
Glass eyes of gray color are framed by еyelids, a nose from a polymeric clay.
A double-sided cap made of cotton, pampons will be on the bear when you get it.

Pillows and a glass miniature with a bird from my personal collection, does not go with him and was used only for photography.

Friends, the URSA Awards 2017 Competition voting and until July 31st.

40 Artists from 17 Countries Compete in this years' URSA Awards Competition.

This year Mihasik in Ukrainian embroidery and Koala Doc take part in the competition. You can support them with your voices. Just click "Vote" at the bottom of each category to select your favorite.

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