суббота, 1 июля 2017 г.

Dzin-Ping, bear-bee, bear on a palm

If the bears were bees)

I want to congratulate everyone with a wonderful summer and present a bear on a palm, a summer bear-bee. These bears are created from my children, it's a brother and sister. I hope that you will love them as much as I do.

Dzin-Ping is a boy, about 14.5 cm in size, sitting 12.5 cm
Created from the micro-plush, heel, palm claws and mouth - imitation suede, on the ears microfiber.
All fastenings on cotter pins, head on double fastening.
All paws are reinforced, bent at the elbows and joints.
Combined packing: natural sheep wool, natural wood sawdust, holofayber, mineral granulate, metal granulate for weighting, glass granulate in the abdomen.
Glass eyes are framed for centuries, a nose made of polymer clay, tinted with artistic colors.

Wings are made of organza, a wooden button, antennae embedded in the head.

You can see the video with bee-bears in my blog: medvedy-teddy Welcome.

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